About Us

Welcome to Locktech911. I’m Jonathan Waknine. My tenure as an independently operating locksmith began five years ago after apprenticing with several of the finest companies in Los Angeles. My business model is one I created myself. I call it the “Four R’s” : References + Referrals + Relationships = Results. My core business is firmly rooted in the community I live in, so many of my clients are not only my clients, they are my neighbors.
Nobody ever wants to be in a situation where they have to call a locksmith, and my abundant awareness of that fact drives me to make the experience as positive as I possibly can.
From fast response time to diffusing the tension with a little well-placed humor, I’ll turn a stressful experience into a refreshing one. And because my profession is one that requires an extreme amount of trust and faith from the client, I am unwavering in the consistency of my excellent service. And as if that’s not enough of a solid foundation, my business model allows me to offer the services of a larger company with a much lower overhead, saving you money in the process.
We all know that issues with locks often happen at the most inopportune times, therefore all of my services are offered 24/7. And because I respond to your call immediately, my clients affectionately refer to me as the “lightning locksmith.” Even taking into account all the benefits I’m able to provide, it has become clear to me that the speed at which I get your needs taken care of is my most valuable attribute.